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Please contact us through the MartinScott Support page for any technical questions, problems, or suggestions.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does it run on the server or client, and what version do I need?
  • NoteMan runs entirely on Notes Client 6.0 and later, Windows, Mac, and Linux. Nothing to install on the server, although it will process server and local databases. Because NoteMan is 100% NSF with no DLLs or executables, IBM ensures that future versions of Notes will run it. If you need to use NoteMan with Notes 5.x or 4.x, you can use NoteMan 1.x.
Do I need to make any changes to my application designs?
  • No, NoteMan is non-invasive and does not require you to make any changes for 100% functionality. Some design element features are easier to use in the NoteMan Design tool, which at runtime places a temporary view in your target database (the view deletes itself when you exit it). This requires Designer level access. However all of these features are also possible through the NoteMan Editor interface which does not require the temporary view or Designer access in the ACL.
What level of access to a database do I need?
  • You only need Author or Editor access for NoteMan data editing features. NoteMan adheres to the Notes security model, so you need Designer access to change design elements through NoteMan, but you can view design elements with any level of access. You need Manager level for ACL import. NoteMan works equally well on design hidden databases.


I bought v1.x. Is there an upgrade?
  • Yes! If you are currently under maintenance, you are entitled to v2.x. If you are no longer under maintenance, you will still get a discount. We will be sending emails with new v2 keys and/or upgrade instructions to all existing customers by February 28th, 2007. In the meantime, download and use the 30-day evaluation period of v2. It installs right alongside NoteMan 1.x (they are separate toolbars and separate .NSF files).
How is NoteMan licensed?
  • NoteMan is licensed per Notes ID user of the product. A one-time fee includes the first year of maintenance, and optional maintenance is available after that. Names are transferrable one time per year while under maintenance. Modules can be licensed separately for management of: documents, conflicts, designs, and database ACL's. Or you can purchase the bundled NoteMan Suite, which includes all four modules. Prices are available on the Buy License page.
I switch between multiple Notes IDs for use at customer sites (or in development versus testing). Can I buy just one license?
  • Yes! Send us your various similar Notes names, and we'll provide the keys. You can enter any number of keys together in the "Settings..." section, separated by commas. NoteMan will automatically pick the key that matches your current ID.
I see the 30-day evaluation version, but where is the fully licensed version?
  • The 30-day evaluation version turns into the fully licensed version when you enter your 5-digit license keys. If you don't purchase license keys, it turns into the free version, which is read-only.


My toolbar didn't appear after clicking the Install Toolbar button.
  • You might have to restart Notes. If that doesn't work, try right clicking on your toolbar background and enabling/disabling the toolbar named "NoteMan2" a couple of times until you see it. If you need to, go to File\Preferences\Toolbar Preferences and delete the NoteMan2 toolbar, then repeat the installation from your local NoteMan.nsf
I see the toolbar in Notes Client, but how can I get the toolbar in Designer Client and Admin Client?
  • We are adding that to the installer in the next point release. In the meantime, you can do this manually. Open Bookmark.nsf in Designer, Shared Code\Outlines, open the "User Toolbar" outline and copy the NoteMan2 entry and subentries to your clipboard. Then paste them into the Designer Client outline element (and/or Admin Client). Finally, refresh your toolbar by selecting File\Preferences\Toolbar Preferences... and then just click OK to close the dialog.